Brad's Super Bait Cut Plug

Trolling for lake trout on Flathead Lake and Fort Peck Reservoir is a very effective way to catch fish. Many anglers troll Kwikfish or large spoons to attract strikes. Another bait that has also worked well is the Brads Super Bait Cut Plug or Mini Cut Plug. This bait is designed to have a swimming action that resembles a wounded fish. Brads Super Baits open up so you can put a scent — or in the case of Flathead Lake they use Jimmy Dean's sausage — inside the lure. On Fort Peck Reservoir they place Chicken of the Sea tuna inside.

Trolling speeds vary from 1 to 2.4 mph. You can use a flasher before the Brads Super Bait or just troll it alone. On Fort Peck be prepared to catch a chinook salmon when you troll this time of the year.

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