chilly pad

Fishing during hot sunny weather on the lakes is hard on your body. My best tip is to fish early and quit early. However, if you choose to fish during the heat of the day, here are a few tips on keeping your body cool and safe from the sun.

Bring an umbrella for shade. Just stick it in one of your rod holders. Wear a Chilly Pad cooling towel around your neck. Dip the towel in the lake periodically, wrap it around your neck and your body will feel immediate relief. These special towels are available at most sporting goods stores. Wear a light polyester T-shirt designed to keep you cool. In addition to sunblock wear a UPF 50-plus all-sport cap with a long bill and flaps that cover your ears and neck. Eat grapes, watermelon and apples for nutrition and vitamins and drink lots of water.

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