Theo Ellsworth

Live in Missoula long enough, and you'll start to notice the work of a regular cadre of illustrators. Their work appears not only on sketch paper, but on t-shirts, note cards, posters, jewelry, comics, bookmarks, local product labels...the list goes on. 

This group of artists ranges from the well-known and highly successful Monte Dolack to a relative newcomer like Joshua Bacha (@moon_booger), whose psychedelic work can be seen on local concert posters. 

David Miles Lusk of Anomal Press, Monte Dolack, Claire Emery, Kelsey Walsh of Bewilderment, Adrienne Langer, and Hailey Schofield of Wild Mountain Ink look to the natural world for inspiration.

Joshua Bacha, Courtney Blazon, Freedom Drudge, Max Mahn of Twin Home Prints and Theo Ellsworth draw from their decidedly outlandish imaginations. 

Josh Quick provides a bridge between the two. His upbeat and quirky illustrations have promoted everything from the Western Montana Fair to Doma Coffee to Make Your Move Missoula.

If there's an artist whose work appeals to you, support them! Many of these creative folks sell their art at the Missoula MADE Fair, the People's Market, and local shops like Rockin Rudy's and Shakespeare & Co. If you're short on cash, cruise the downtown bulletin boards to score some poster art (albeit with a few holes).  

And the final print, "Methuselah". #bristleconepine #lastbestprintfest #printmaking #linocut

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I love painting brown trout. 🖤🎣 #montanaflyfishing #flyfishing #browntrout #watercolor #winstonrods

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The 13th annual Post it Note art show is happening today at Giant Robot in LA! I made 10 of them. #postitshow13

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Been painting most of the day, around errands and puppy duty. Nice at the end of the day to have something real to show for my work.

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