pudding shots
Kate Whittle

What it is: Feruqi’s is a local legend for its array of specialty shots and cocktails, particularly the Flaming Lamborghini, which co-owner Matt Wiles calls the “quintessential 21st birthday shot.” But Feruqi’s has another claim to fame, and it requires a spoon: pudding shots.

How it tastes: The rich, creamy cups of pudding come in flavors including chocolate raspberry, vanilla amaretto and pistachio, with a slightly boozy kick. They don’t taste very strong, but eating a couple of them in a row will quickly induce a warm buzz.

Why pudding shots, anyway? Wiles says they’re all homemade by his mom, Marlene, following a secret recipe. “We were doing Jello shots, and all these other bars were doing Jello shots, so one of my buddies was brainstorming with my mom and said ‘You should do some pudding shots or something,’” Wiles says. That was a few years ago, and they’ve been a mainstay at the bar ever since. “We do have a lot of regulars that lose their minds for pistachio flavor. I don’t know why that is.”

Family business: Wiles notes that the space housing Feruqi’s has been owned by his family since his great-grandmother, Ruby Wong, opened the Golden Pheasant restaurant there in 1941. Wiles and his parents bought it from his grandparents and reopened it as Feruqi’s in 1997. He was 21 years old at the time and “thought opening a bar would be awesome,” he says.

Where to find it: Find Feruqi’s at 318 N. Higgins Ave. Doors open at 4 PM daily. Pudding shots run $1.50 a pop.