There's something about Missoula that makes peoples' hearts sing, so it's only logical that it would inspire touring musicians (or in one case, a local) to include our town in their lyrics.  

1. Richy Mitch and the Coal Miners "Lake Missoula" (2017)

A brand new tune from Colorado Springs folk rockers who just released their self-titled debut album.    

2. Randy Rogers Band featuring Willie Nelson "Trouble Knows My Name" (2013)

Rogers has admitted that the sixth verse of this song is based on actual events that took place when they were on tour in Missoula. 

3. Amos Lee "Lowdown Life" (2013)

This is by far the grimmest song of the bunch...hope Lee just threw our town's name in there because it conveniently rhymed with "Lula."

4. Pallas Athena "Kick It on Higgins" (2011)

A local signed to Wapikiya Records, Athena raps about Zootown and throws in references to the Wilma, the Hip Strip, the Griz and Caras Park. 

5. Mischief Brew "Nevada City Serenade" (2011)

Not sure if this Philadelphia-based punk band is singing about Montana's Nevada City or California's, but they clearly mention Missoula and Butte.

6. Mission Mountain Wood Band "Stockman's Bar" (2011)

Since the Mission Mountain Wood Band was formed in Missoula (back in 1971), it's reasonable to think they'd write a song about it. This one's a tribute to the eponymous bar on Front Street.  

7. Jewel "The Missoula Song" (2010)

Jewel decided to write a song about every city she toured in 2010. “I just google the town and see the history and when it was founded and who the original settlers were, as well as just local hot spots and local culture,” she said. Here's what she came up with for the Garden City:

8. David Walburn "Sweet Montana Home" (2003)

Walburn, a Whitefish resident and longtime Glacier National Park performer, has never lived in Missoula, but we're glad he's promoting us!

9. Antje Duvekot "Long Way" (2002)

Award-winning folk singer-songwriter Duvekot managed to squeeze the names of ten states into "Long Way," a song about roadtripping across America. The only city she mentions: "windy, cold" Missoula.

10. Indigo Girls "Bitterroot" (2002)

Emily Saliers and Amy Ray have played Missoula numerous times; we'll assume it's our portion of the Bitterroot River they were thinking about when they penned these lyrics. 

11. The Decemberists "Apology Song" (2001)

Frontman Colin Meloy attended the University of Montana, graduating in 1998. In this song, he references the Orange Street Food Farm and Frenchtown pond.

12. Nanci Griffith "Midnight in Missoula" (2001)

The "queen of folkabilly" wrote "Midnight in Missoula" for her goddaughter after spending a memorable Christmas in Missoula with the girl's family.

13. Nitty Gritty Dirt Band "Dry Town" (1999)

This song was written by alt-country superstars Gillian Welch and David Rawlings, who've played in Missoula on numerous occasions. Their version is now available on Boots No. 1 - The Official Revival Bootleg. You may have also heard Miranda Lambert's version; she covered it in 2007.

14. Jimmy Buffett "Miss You So Badly" (1977)

Before Buffett became a megastar, he played the 1976 Aber Day Kegger in Missoula. We must have made an impression, because our city landed in the opening line of this song: "I guess it all blew up in Missoula..."

15. Willis Alan Ramsey "Goodbye to Old Missoula" (1972)

“I actually wrote that song in Missoula,” Ramsey said. “I met this girl who I thought was pretty cute, but I made up the whole thing about us having a relationship. As a matter of fact, she made a point to come backstage and ball me out. She went up one side and down the other complaining about how I made her life miserable because Missoula is a small town and there aren’t many women named Rosie. You know that thing about not telling a story and a name at the same time? Well, I never did that again."

16. Paul Revere and the Raiders "Just Seventeen" (1970)

There's a good story behind this one. Paul Revere and the Raiders played the UM Fieldhouse in 1968 and partied hard after, the details of which are included in this song and a Missoula police report. 

17. Wilf Carter AKA Montana Slim "My Missoula Valley Moon" (1940)

Canada's first country music star, Wilf Carter AKA "Montana Slim," recorded "My Missoula Valley Moon" in 1940.