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Alison Stigora used to have to burn her own wood for sculptures. As an artist in Pennsylvania, there weren’t wildfires to create naturally charred chunks of wood, so she overcame her nervousness of starting fires and handling burning wood to build bonfires with friends, pulling out pieces as they burnt just so.

Join in celebration of National Trails Day at a Montana State Park on June 1.  The American Hiking Society’s National Trails Day is the country’s largest celebration of trails. Gather with over 100,000 other volunteers throughout the nation in empowering all to enjoy, share, and preserve the hiking experience. From hikes to trail clean up, show your appreciation for trails with events offered at state parks across Montana.

Considering the views, not unlike the ones you'd find from the window seat of a descending airplane, Ward Mountain isn't popular, even though the trailhead sits just at the top of Roaring Lion Road outside Hamilton.

BIG SKY RESORT — Like a controlled freefall into a dim cave, it was unnervingly dark as Ben Brosseau skied down aptly named Ambush run. A cone of bright white light shone in front of him. Just before he pushed off, a smile seemed frozen to his frosted face.

You’re in an active city in the Northern Rockies that abuts a national forest, boasts numerous recreation areas, and seems to attract rivers like a fish to a fly. Getting outdoors in Missoula is easy. Deciding what to do may prove a bit more challenging. Our suggestion? Do it all. 

Look around. Our valley's surrounding hillsides are begging to be hiked. How can you resist a short trek to a giant cement letter? Or to a peace sign? And topping out a peak in the Rattlesnake Wilderness Area sure would make a great selfie. The following hikes plot a circle around Missoula. …

Not all of Missoula's trails are vertical. If you feel like going on a nice mellow stroll, there are several paved and unpaved paths that will get you out for some exercise but won't make you strain. 

The 5th Annual Montana Fishing Film Festival will be full of eye-catching as well as trout-catching scenes. Get inspired by our state's stunning fly waters, big fish and hardcore anglers. Dennison Theatre, Thursday, 6pm, $12. 

UM Ice Holes recently became the only fully recognized ice fishing club in the United States. Reporter DJ Stewart takes a look at how the first year group is looking to expand beyond the University and involve the local community. 

Filmed while Daniel Mazza and his brother were making their yearly pilgrimage to Stuart Peak in Missoula's Rattlesnake Wilderness. Mazza shot this footage on a Garmin Verb at 1080p 60fps.

There is no better place to wake up than on the banks of the Blackfoot River with the never-ending sound of water flowing and the shrill call of a bald eagle perched overhead.

I recently had the opportunity to take advantage of the whitefish bite on Flathead Lake. While fishing, I have heard some interesting tips on how to catch the sometimes elusive fish. Glue small eyes on your Rattle-d-Zastor lure, fish key in on the eyes of their prey. Sometimes the fish like …

Fly fishing in Missoula Montana is arguably the best the west has to offer. Enjoy all this region has to offer with the pro guides of Blackfoot River Outfitters. Float down the Blackfoot, wade the riffles of Rock Creek, cast to risers on the Bitterroot, stalk the shallows of the Clark Fork a…

Join Kristin, Leia, and Terrence Romano as they attempt a float down the tumultuous Blackfoot River in Western Montana on a warm, summer day. Watch as they brave Thibodeau Falls and many other rapids on their way to Johnsrud Park, just east of Missoula.

Floating the Clark Fork River in Missoula, Montana is one of the best ways to cool off on hot, summer days. Join Terrence Romano and friends as they take to tubes and do their best to escape the heat on a relaxing float downstream.

Fishing during hot sunny weather on the lakes is hard on your body. My best tip is to fish early and quit early. However, if you choose to fish during the heat of the day, here are a few tips on keeping your body cool and safe from the sun.

This might be the year that the whitefish bite comes back strong on Flathead Lake. Anglers have already started to catch whitefish jigging with Zimmer Tackle Rattle-d-Zastors. Most of the anglers are having success with a whitefish fly tied 6- to 10-inches above the Rattle-d-Zastor tipped wi…

Montana’s rivers are rapidly dropping, but there are still some fun places across the state to get your face wet while rafting, canoeing or kayaking. Here are a few of my favorite whitewater runs. Remember to always wear a life jacket, have a throw line in case someone falls overboard, use c…

Here are some top dry flies Tom Kuglin of the Helena Independent Record likes to fish in the summer.