Best Actor/Actress

Drew Nagy

Drew Nagy has been acting since he was a kid, he regularly acts in musicals at MCT (his favorite role was Young Scrooge in “A Christmas Carol” last winter), in addition to acting he writes and composes musicals.

Finalists, Best Actor/Actress

2. Jeff Medley

3. Reid Reimers

Best Art Gallery

Missoula Art Museum

The Missoula Art Museum’s 20 to 25 solo and group exhibitions year, rotating through six state-of-the-art galleries, has something for all audiences and creative interests.

335 N. Pattee St.


Finalists, Best Art Gallery

2. Zootown Arts Community Center. 235 N. First St. W. 549-7555.

3. Dana Gallery. 246 N. Higgins Ave. 721-3154.

Best Artist

Larry Pirnie

Larry Pirnie’s signature style of western paintings make him a Missoula  favorite.

Finalists, Best Artist

2. Jodi Monahan.

3. Courtney Blazon. 

Best Band

The Lil Smokies

The Lil Smokies is one of the best bluegrass groups, a quintet whose three-part harmonies and extended jams blend classic twang with a party-like atmosphere.

Finalists, Best Band

2. County Line

3. Letter B 

Best Comedian

Sarah Aswell

Aswell’s humor, whether on stage here in Missoula or on or the New Yorker, speaks for itself. She’s also advocated for more stand-up from women, LGBTQI and people of color on stage in Missoula and around Montana.

Finalists, Best Comedian

2. Mike Beers

3. Zac Allen 

Best Concert Venue

Kettlehouse Amphitheater

It should come as little surprise that this scenic amphitheater at a beautiful location (on the Blackfoot River) with a summer ahead of big acts (Norah Jones, Robert Plant) and a top-notch sound system and award-winning local beer (K-Hole, of course) won best concert venue. 

605 Cold Smoke Lane, Bonner


Finalists, Best Concert Venue

2. The Wilma. 131 S. Higgins Ave. 728-2521.

3. Big Sky Brewing Co. 5417 Trumpeter Way. 549-2777.

Best Dancer

Cigarette Girls

Missoula’s resident burlesque troupe collectively took the title, likely due to their mix of humor, seriousness and body positivity. Catch them at the regular Sunday Nightcap at the Top Hat.

Finalists, Best Dancer

2. Mylan Marcum

3. Joy French

Best Filmmaker

Reid Graham

Reid Graham has shot videos for Missoula pop singer Chloe Gendrow and rapper Zak James. He also does commercial work for clients like Team Up Montana and Missoula Fresh Market.

Finalists, Best Filmmaker

2. Austin Valley

3. Michael Graef

Best Live Comedy Venue

The Roxy

The historic venue is home to Missoula’s Homegrown Comedy showcase. Experience stand-up comedy and competitions while drinking beer and eating popcorn. The Roxy offers a more intimate experience than other venues in town, so its best to just laugh. 

718 S. Higgins Ave


Finalists, Best Live Comedy Venue

2. Union Club Bar & Grill. 208 E. Main St. 728-7980.

3. The Badlander. 208 Ryman St. 594-0235. 

Best Movie Theater

The Roxy

The Missoula favorite, The Roxy hosts screenings and events seven days a week including new releases nightly and a monthly calendar of independent, foreign and classic films, theater, and community events.

Built in 1937, the Roxy survived a fire in 1994 and since 2013 has operated year-round as a non-profit home for classic movies and local film festivals. 

718 S. Higgins Ave.


Finalists, Best Movie Theater

2. AMC Dine In. 2901 Brooks St.

3. AMC Classic. 3640 Mullan Road. 541-7469.

Best Museum

Missoula Art Museum

Accredited by the American Association of Museums, Missoula Art Museum features educational programming including of art classes, film screenings, literary readings, musical events, performances and artist lectures. This museum is a must-go to for any art enthusiast or anyone just wanting to explore. 

335 N. Pattee St.


Finalists, Best Museum

2. Historical Museum at Fort Missoula. 3400 Captain Rawn Way. 728-3476.

3. Montana Natural History Museum. 120 Hickory St. A. 327-0405.

Best Musician

Chloe Gendrow

The 22-year-old Missoula electronic pope musician recently released her second album “22 Below.” Gendrow’s on the bill for Pilgrimage Music Festival this summer, a Tennessee festival with headliners like The Killers, Leon Bridges and Keith Urban.

Finalists, Best Musician

2. Jordan Lane.

3. Mike VanderSanden

Best New Band


This heavy metal band is indeed very new — they only started playing live earlier this year. Keep an eye out for their combination of churning riffs and shreddy solos, and an equal ratio of scream to melody in the vocals.

Finalists, Best New Band

2. TopHouse. 

3. Good Old Fashioned.

Best Open Mic

Imagine Nation Brewing 

Every Monday, local artists are invited to bring their passion, talent and instruments to Imagine Nation's open mic. 

1151 W. Broadway


Finalists, Best Open Mic

2. Union Club Bar & Grill. 208 E. Main St. 728-7980.

3. The Badlander. 208 Ryman St. 594-0235. 

Best Photographer

Mike Williams

For several years running, Mike Williams Photography has been Missoula’s choice for all photo needs — weddings, graduation, families, portraits and commercial. William has been working in the Missoula photo industry for over 20 years.

817 S. Higgins Ave.


Finalists, Best Photographer

2. J. Willis Photography. 406-240-1113.

3. Slikati Photography. 126 E. Broadway Suite H. 274-0592.

Best place to watch live theater

Missoula Children's Theater

MCT hosts both the Missoula Community Theatre and the Missoula Children’s Theater productions and offers year round musicals, dramas, comedies and children’s programming. Its mission is to provide education, entertainment, and enrichment for all ages through the performing arts.

200 N. Adams St.


Finalists, Best place to watch live theater

2. Missoula Chlidren's Theater. 200 N. Adams St.

3. University of Montana Dennison Theater and Masquer Theater. 243-4481.

Best Writer

James Lee Burke

Earlier this year, the endlessly prolific novelist and Lolo resident released “The New Iberia Blues.” It’s his 22nd book featuring detective Dave Robicheaux, a staggering number that doesn’t include his other works of fiction and is all the more impressive when you consider the prose he produces and the devotion of the fan base he’s cultivated.

Finalists, Best Writer

2. Judy H. Wright

3. Hank Green