Great INBC craft beer + eclectic international films + engaged film enthusiasts = Pop Up Film Festival!!

Imagine Nation Brewing Company is teaming up with PUFF to host a free Pop Up Film Festival. This event will screen a wide variety of film genres from around the world in the INBC taproom. 

PUFF is a little different from a standard film festival…

PUFF is all about supporting local, small businesses PUFF doesn’t charge film makers to submit films PUFF doesn’t charge the audience for admission PUFF doesn’t charge local businesses to host an event PUFF doesn’t have a team of tired judges pre-judging films PUFF uses an online survey system that lets the audience review and rate each film during the screening, so bring your smartphone that can read QR codes. PUFF sends summaries of the audience surveys to each submitting film maker.

A Friend of PUFF recently commented that it should be called the ‘Good Enuf Film Festival’. What this means is we’re not doing this to showcase ‘The Best of the Best’ films that all the other festivals show. We’re giving small film-makers, who otherwise can’t get their films shown, a chance for real audiences to see and review their films. And, we’re giving the audience a chance to see films they won’t normally see, as many are limited to the film festival circuit. Some films present mature themes (PG-13), but there is no overt or gratuitous violence or sexual content.


  • Occurred Sunday, February 2nd, 2020 @ 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm


Imagine Nation Brewing Company

1151 W Broadway St
Missoula, MT


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