Planning for the fourth trimester is essential to assure long term health for the new mother. Known as the Cuarentena in Mexico, the Golden Month in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and The Sacred Window in Ayurveda, the first 6 weeks after the birth of a baby is recognized around the world is being essential to avoid depletion and maintain health.

By planning properly for the postpartum period, families can be prepared to fully support the new mother-baby dyad. Adequate, physiological care can reduce rates of perinatal mood disorders, increase healthy attachment in babies, ease breastfeeding challenges, prevent pelvic organ prolapse, prevent autoimmune disorders, and speed physical recovery.

We will cover the 5 essential components of postpartum care and help each family develop their own care plans. These are:

The power of profound rest to safeguard the birthing parent’s pelvic, hormonal, and mental health,

The importance of postpartum nutrition to boost short and long-term wellness and support milk production,

The benefit of body work for birth integration, detoxification, and tissue healing,

The wisdom of warming practices, to facilitate physical healing and increase oxytocin,

The foundation of community, how that looks for you, your family, and your specific needs.

We will hold our fifth and final class after every family has birthed their baby.  In this way we welcome and celebrate each other into the new iteration of family.

This course is designed to be taken by mothers AND members of their support systems (partners, friends, family, etc.) so that parents can focus on integration of the information and not tasked with also disseminating the knowledge. 

This 4 part series is next scheduled for

Tuesday evenings, October 1-22, 2019



payment required for registration:,

Peaceful Heart Yoga

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  • Starting Tuesday, October 1st, 2019, repeats every week on Tuesday until Tuesday, October 22, 2019 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm


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