Details: This will be a moderately difficult hike of approximately 10 miles roundtrip into Wales Creek, a BLM Wilderness Study Area of 11,580 acres.  The region is heavily forested with stands of lodgepole pine and Douglas fir that provide vegetative screening from other recreationalists that might be in the area.  The area supports healthy populations of wildlife such as elk, moose, grizzly and black bear, gray wolf, and deer.  We will discuss the value of this Wilderness Study Area and what makes it a good candidate for designated Wilderness.  We will be especially “bear aware” and take all precautions.

Outings Leader: Michael Jarnevic, 406-544-8671,

RSVP by August 14.  Maximum of 10 people. Meet at the Missoula Public Library parking lot @ 8:00am Saturday. We will return by 2:00pm Sunday. 


  • Occurred Saturday, August 17th, 2019 — all day


Michael Jarnevic


Michael Jarnevic