Ready for a foodie adventure? You don't have to leave Missoula. We dare you expand your gastronomic horizons by trying a new dish at each of the international restaurants in this three-part series. This final segment covers Thailand, Vietnam and Asian Fusion/Pan-Asian.


Big Thai Country, "the first authentic Thai food truck in Missoula," earned themselves a huge 5-star rating on Yelp. Try their garlic chicken with veggie stir fry, pad thai or the special of the day. You can find them at Out to Lunch, Downtown ToNight, Draught Works, and Fort Missoula.   

The chefs at SaWaDee Authentic Thai Restaurant cook all menu items to order and will amp up or knock down your meal's spiciness level if you ask. A native Thai, family-owned business for nearly two decades, SaWaDee's menu is packed with curry and stir fry options. Be warned that the owners make an extended trip to Thailand every January during which time the restaurant is closed. Facebook Yelp


The pho, banh mi and friendly service are stand-outs at Vietnam Grill Restaurant (on Higgins), a family-owned business with Vietnamese roots. Yelp

Another place to get your pho and banh mi fix is at the well-established Vietnam Noodle Restaurant (on Stephens). Start your meal off with an order of Imperial Rolls. Yelp

Asian Fusion/Pan-Asian:

Iza's menu encompasses the Far East. There's nowhere else in Missoula where a party of four can place an order for Naan Bread (Indian), Miso soup (Japanese), Drunken Noodles (Thai), Chap Chae (Korean), Rendang (Indonesian), and Sichaun Vegetable Stir Fry (Chinese). Don't forget the bubble tea (Taiwanese). Facebook Yelp

Mustard Seed Asian Café wins Best Asian Food in Missoula's Choice and Best of Missoula time and time again, and 2017 was no exception. The Mustard Seed will turn 40 next year; its pan-Asian and Asian fusion dishes have proven so popular that they sell bottles of their sauces as a side business. Start off with the green bean appetizer, order General Mustard's Chicken or Chicken Osaka as your main dish, and leave room for an award-winning (American) dessert. Their fast casual eatery, Noodle Express, serves smaller and cheaper portions of Mustard Seed's basic dishes.  Facebook Yelp