Hellgate Music Series

The Hellgate Music Series continues this week with a prerecorded concert by Mirror Gods (above), Transcendental Express and Red Onion Purple at the Missoula Art Park. The series was recorded by Attack and Release Sound and The Noise Gate Studio, which used drones and handheld cameras. 

The holiday weekend brings a bevy of streaming and online options to your home, courtesy of local artists, musicians and creators.

Hellgate Music Series live at the art park

(Saturday, Nov. 27)

A new concert series continues this week, with a goal of providing local bands at cool locations around town, with professional audio and video (including a drone.)

It continues this week, with a three-act bill shot at the Missoula Art Park earlier in the fall.

There are some shared members among the three. Jesse, the Ocelot offers his indie-rock vocal melodies with Mirror Gods, backed by Sean Burress on bass and Joshua Chai on drums. Transcendental Express, a psych funk band, has Chai (drums), Kiavash Adibzadeh on keys and Cole Grant on bass. The last group is one of the longest running and hardest to pin to any specific genre — Red Onion Purple, with Burress, Bethany Joyce on cello, backed by Chai and Grant.

The show was filmed by The Noise Gate Studio with sound by Attack and Release, a regular provider of sound and studio space in Missoula. To watch, at 7 p.m. go to The Noise Gate Studio’s YouTube Channel or Attack and Release or Noise Gate’s social media accounts for a link. You can also see the first entry, with Shakewell playing on the Florence Building’s rooftop patio.

Kiddomatic children's film festival

(Through Nov. 30)

The annual international children’s film festival continues online through Sunday. Log on to kiddomatic.org and you can watch shorts and features from around the world, ranging from stop-motion to 3D animation and live-action documentaries.

Here's a few highlights from the 40-some movies


Age: Any

Director: Fokion Xenon, Greece

Run time: 8 min.

An impressive number of clay beachgoers flock to the seaside, only start getting grumpy in the heat. Two kids devise a plan to bring the Saran Wrap water further ashore to chill everybody out.

‘The Red Balloon’

Age: Any

Run time: 34 min.

Director: Albert Lamorisse, France

A young boy named Pascal rescues a stray red balloon from the streets of Paris, a balloon that soon takes on a friendly mischievous life of its own in this 1956 classic of the French New Wave. 

The live-action film takes you on a walking tour of daily life in France with gorgeous shots awaiting around each cobble-stoned street corner,without much in the way of dialogue, instead treating you to picture book-like visual humor. All does not remain entirely peaceful, as Pascal and the balloon evade adults (a principal, a grandmother, a church guard) and kids (a roving gang, jealous of the balloon).

'Contemporary West’ virtual art show


The Art Mobile of Montana, which typically brings contemporary art on the road right to local communities and schools around Montana, has shifted to an online program this winter.

It’s new exhibition, “The Current Condition: Visions of the Contemporary West,” surveys contemporary art from a broad range of perspectives, from veteran artists such as ceramicist Beth Lo to emerging and mid-career creators. On the AMM’s website, you can take a guided tour of the show, complete with interpretative text. If you want to learn more, you can sign up for tutorial videos, educational lesson plans and art supply kits, and see artist interviews and more. Go to artmobilemontana.org/virtual-exhibition-2/ to check it out.

Art for the Earth project

(Saturday, Nov. 28)

This two-part video project features artists and environmentally conscious organizations from western Montana and farther abroad sharing their ideas and concerns.

To watch, head to MCAT from 6-8 p.m. or head to the “Art for the Earth” Facebook page for a link to the first installment.