Where elbow room is in abundance.

Location: the area from Reserve Street to the Wye, and from the Clark Fork River to Broadway (Highway 10 West). In Ward 2.

If you cross Reserve Street on Mullan Road and head west, you’ll find a collection of neighborhoods and open spaces connected by a well-traveled thread of roadway that traces Montana history itself. Located along the western portion of the Old Mullan Road, this neighborhood, which is named for the famous trailblazer Captain John Mullan, is a large swath of level valley floor once comprised of family ranches. Today there are still rural homes with acreage and even horses and livestock, but there are also several self-contained neighborhoods in this area. Residents are drawn to the western side of Missoula because it offers extensive views of mountains on all sides. They also enjoy quick access to the Clark Fork River that winds along the southern border of the neighborhood. From homesteaders to longtime residents to newer transplants, the Mullan Road Neighborhood is open to all kinds of neighbors that tend to share the desire for a peaceful life away from the hustle and bustle of the city, but close enough to get into the action if they so choose. With nearby recreation on the river and Forest Service land, there is still plenty of exploration to be done in this part of town.

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