Where all of Missoula becomes your scenery.

Location: the area south of Southwest Higgins Avenue and the University of Montana Golf Course and east of Hillview Way. In Ward 4.

Missoula’s layout makes a dramatic shift upward above South Higgins Avenue as road grades change and climb and houses dot the hillside. This is the appropriately named Farviews/Pattee Canyon Neighborhood, which at night, appears as hundreds of twinkling lights from the Missoula Valley floor. The homes are a mix of styles, some close together with sloping yards, and some farther up, on larger acreage lots or even hillside ranch land. The elevation of this whole neighborhood proves to be a welcome challenge for hikers and mountain bikers. There are even some brave runners who train for hills in these parts. The vast, steeply pitched terrain also makes for great golfing. Being above town doesn’t seem to affect the connection residents have with the rest of the community. The University, downtown, and the southern and western parts of town are readily accessible from here and many residents are active in the neighborhood as well as the community as a whole. They may have a different vantage point, but Farviews/Pattee Canyon neighbors share in the view of Missoula as an ideal place to live.

Provided by Missoula Organization of REALTORS® and City of Missoula