Whether it’s sidewalks or trail treks, this active community is bustling with activity. 

Location: from South Higgins west to Russell Street, and from South Avenue south to SW Higgins Avenue. In Ward 4.

In this kid-friendly and family-oriented neighborhood, it’s no wonder Lewis & Clark Elementary School is the central hub. In fact, much of the immediate recreation was built around the school, including tennis courts, playgrounds, and several soccer fields. Sidewalks connect the variety of homes in this traditional 1950’s and 60’s neighborhood. Everyone seems to be out for a walk. Mixing, mingling, and the occasional leash entanglement just happen as neighbors congregate to enjoy the sunny Montana skies. New parents with their strollers pass older couples who raised their own families in this neighborhood. There’s a strong pride in the primarily owner-occupied homes with families tending to their gardens, landscaping the front walkways, and working on general upkeep. It’s less of a competition and more of a social event to wave a gardening-gloved hand at a neighbor across the way and share a common sentiment in these parts, “Nice day, isn’t it?”

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