From all outward appearances, this is a special place that you might not even know exists.

Location: bounded on the east by Miller Creek Road, bounded on the north and the west by the Bitterroot River and U.S. Highway 93, and bounded on the south by Lower Miller Creek Road. In Ward 5.

On the southwestern corner of Missoula, there is a hidden neighborhood tucked behind the commercial intersection of Reserve Street and Highway 93. Drive up a steady draw and parking lots immediately give way to thick vegetation, hearty growth that comes almost up to the road. Every so often, through the leaves and pine needles, you’ll see a driveway or a mailbox. You’ll encounter a fork in the road. Take a right where the trees break and sunshine illuminates horse meadows and large plots of land. You are heading into Linda Vista. Some homes are spread out like miniature farmsteads, but there are also more densely built neighborhoods. Views extend south into the breathtaking Bitterroot Valley. Keep moving upwards and you’ll find yourself at the Maloney Ranch. If you choose to take the left fork and head into Lower Miller Creek, the wooded wilds persist and will lead you to Forest Service recreation land. Other surprises await you in this neighborhood including kids’ activities, recreation, and a popular golf course. There is something truly special and intimate about this haven beyond the boundaries of Missoula as you may know it. Ranch and country homes complement traditional residential comforts. Neighborhood takes on a different form, yet the Missoula community is alive and well in Miller Creek.

Provided by Missoula Organization of REALTORS® and City of Missoula