The neighborhood’s rural heritage can be seen in the century old apple trees still growing in some yards.

Location: from Russell Street to Reserve Street, and from the Clark Fork River to South Third Street W. In Ward 6. Formerly known as the Emma Dickinson / Orchard Homes neighborhood.

It wasn’t that long ago that this neighborhood was more apple trees than front yards, but today’s Emma Dickinson/Orchard Homes Neighborhood still bears the fruit of a neighborhood with rural appeal. The Clark Fork River runs along the north side of this sun-drenched swath of land where large commercial businesses exist along with homes and family farms. This is still a growing community, in more ways than one. If you wonder where some of the food and flowers at Missoula’s farmers’ markets come from, you don’t even have to look outside of town. Much of the bounty is grown here. And if you’re going places, getting to downtown, the University, Southgate Mall, and Missoula’s two hospitals is a breeze. Entryways to the Riverfront Trail system are located near this neighborhood, so biking and walking are viable transportation options. Some neighbors may live in the same house they grew up in. Others may be young families new to Missoula. Some still live on large acreage, vestiges of the orchard days. Others live in higher density areas closer to their neighbors. This is a neighborhood that blooms with diversity, blossoms with possibility, and lives on because of its strong roots.

Provided by Missoula Organization of REALTORS® and City of Missoula