Because of its shared resources, Riverfront folks welcome Missoula into their neighborhood everyday.

Location: The Riverfront neighborhood is located between the Clark Fork River and South 6th Street W., bounded on the east by South Higgins Avenue, and bounded on the west by Russell Street. In Ward 3.

The Riverfront Neighborhood teems with life, but that’s really no coincidence. Bordered on its north side by the Clark Fork River, all things in this neighborhood logically flow in that direction. The proximity to the water and the nearby Riverfront Trail system is one of the area’s most distinctive characteristics, but the personal connections run much deeper. Residents are tied to the greater Missoula community because of their location. All Missoulians enjoy the trail system that turns the daily commute into a scenic journey, an afternoon jog into more of a sightseeing tour, and an evening lit by the full moon into a magical family adventure. Riverfronters are no exception. They also take part in local activities near home, like downtown lunch and dinner gatherings and festivals and University of Montana events, all without ever having to get in the car. The neighbors range from the young to the young at heart, the well established and those just starting out. They share a common pride in the aesthetics and diversity of the neighborhood and proudly support the wide variety of nearby businesses that are also among Missoula’s most treasured.

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