Down the country roads in the Target Range Neighborhood, you can travel back into Missoula’s history.

Location: outside city limits, generally south of South Third St. W, east of Reserve St., and north of South Ave.

Just across the Missoula city border is a large, historically rural neighborhood where large farm and ranch properties meld with more densely constructed residential homes. Even in these more traditional neighborhoods there is a real sense of country living that is attractive and unique to the Target Range Neighborhood. With very few commercial businesses in the neighborhood, traffic is fairly light. The main transactions that are taking place out this way occur at Dale’s Dairy, the market and local landmark famous for its giant cow out front. You may even encounter a tractor or two on the country roads. Horses graze in pastoral fields. Residents work in their gardens. Weathered, yet stately barns are still in use. Morning lawn mowers move in contrast to farm-scale tillers. Kids play little league, learn to ride Western, and have open land, riverfront, and mountain hideaways as their own playground. In the Target Range Neighborhood, there is a wonderful mix of preservation and appreciation for a collective country life that’s not too far from the rest of Missoula, but still maintains its rural sensibility.

Provided by Missoula Organization of REALTORS® and City of Missoula