This might be the year that the whitefish bite comes back strong on Flathead Lake. Anglers have already started to catch whitefish jigging with Zimmer Tackle Rattle-d-Zastors. Most of the anglers are having success with a whitefish fly tied 6- to 10-inches above the Rattle-d-Zastor tipped with a maggot. The whitefish are hitting the fly, maybe because there is a hatch taking place.

Try fishing in 50 to 60 feet of water in Big Arm, Elmo and the Narrows, which have been the most productive so far. Brandt Hamernick from Missoula told me that he is not jigging very aggressively and most of the fish are hitting the fly. Once the whitefish begin feeding on the perch fry, then the Rattle-d-Zastor should be targeted by more fish.

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