What you’re drinking: Arguably the most popular summertime drink at the reigning Best Happy Hour winner of the annual Missoula's Choice readers’ poll. According to veteran Jakers bartender Kelsey Larson, mojitos aren’t just a favorite of the bar and grill’s regulars, it’s also what the staff orders when they come in on off days.

Why it’s so beloved: The standard Jakers mojito includes Cruzan rum, fresh squeezed lime, sugar and fresh mint leaves. Larson says an even more popular version is the frozen fruit mojito, which is blended like a slushie and available in strawberry, raspberry, mixed berry or mango. “I make more raspberry mojitos than any other flavor, and it’s not even close,” Larson says. Both the standard and frozen mojitos run $7.50.

Where you’re drinking it: In the restaurant, at the bar or, as the weather turns warmer, on the outdoor patio. “It’s definitely a seasonal favorite,” says Larson. “It’s hard to beat drinking one of these on our patio during Happy Hour.”

When you’re drinking it: Speaking of Happy Hour, Jakers typically wins this Missoula's Choice category because it offers some robust daily specials. From 4 p.m. to 6 and again from 9 to close, all beer, house wine and well drinks are half-off. Top-shelf cocktails, premium liquor and 9-oz. wines by the glass are also $3 off. 

Where to find it: Jakers is located at 3515 Brooks Street.