What it is: Pickle and pepperoncini juices mixed with Tito’s vodka. Manager John Surratt says the shot is a favorite of his bartenders and, as we all know, bartenders tend to know their booze.

Why you’re drinking it: Simply put, it’s delicious. It’s salty and sweet with a hint of heat from the pepperoncinis. This concoction makes the vodka fairly dangerous since it’s all too easy to forget you’re actually drinking vodka.

How to drink it: The bartender simply shakes the mixture on ice and pours it into a shot glass, but Surratt says they also use the mix for their Bloody Marys and Caesars. Some of the regulars even drink it by the glass on ice. Monk’s has also started making a Caesar-style shot where they add a little Clamato and pepper to the vodka. Each shot is $3.

How it came about: Previously, Monk’s offered the pickle vodka and pepperoncini vodka separately. Then the shot started to really take off in popularity so the bartenders decided to mix them together. Surratt says they go through at least 20 to 30 shots in a night.

Who you’re drinking with: Monk’s main demographic is the college crowd, but it also attracts older folks who used to frequent the bar in years past. “They usually stay, unless it’s too loud, just for the memories they experienced back in their day,” Surratt says.

Where to find it: Monk’s is open Thursdays through Saturdays, 9 p.m. to bar close, at 225 Ryman St.